could tell you about how I graduated from VCU with a music degree and almost made it to med school (seriously, so close! Long story short, they didn't take me because I had asthma when I was little). But, I'd rather tell you a little about who I am and what I love to do!

While I was born in Nashville, TN, I didn't stay long enough to remember any of it. I've spent almost my entire life right here in the Washington, D.C. area. And while I absolutely love it here, there are just so many other places I want to see! I've been to half of the states (not bad..) but only 5 countries?? People in Europe, I'm looking at you right now. Help a brother out.

Oh, and I'm an ESFJ? Heck yeah.

And a few other things that I love: Engagements, weddings, puppies, Thai food, Afghan food, Italian food, well.. any type of food really, coffee shops, bubble tea, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, tennis, comics (esp. Calvin and Hobbes), cooking, cherry blossoms, singing, dance, skiing/snowboarding, hours of karaoke, kids, teaching, summer camp, hiking, video games, board games, thunderstorms, Burt's Bees, Post-it notes, Apple things, books (there's never enough time!), blogs, Pixar, art galleries, singer/songwriters...

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